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Muhammad Rasulullah Saw

1. the Prophet said: I love God ” ” (not conceited). I was under the banner of Glory ” ” on the day of resurrection, lower than Adam and later (and not conceited). I first got the Donator syafa ‘ at and intercession on the day of judgment (not conceited). I first used, and God has opened doors for me, and I shared the belief that poor people (and not conceited). And I was one of the most honorable of previous and back at the sight of God (not conceited) “. (Learn Tirmidhi)

2. in response to the question about morality Ayesha Ra Prophet, he replied: ” Morality Quran “. (Abu Dawood, Muslim)

3. I have the seal of the prophets. There is no prophet after me. (Tells Ahmad and Al-Hakim)

4. I got (God) have learned a lot of words. (That is, it contains a brief but in-depth and broad sense). (Tells Ahmad)

5. to condemn the Prophet encouraged the idolaters. But he said, I was not sent ” in (charge) curse, but actually I was sent as a (carrier) Grace “. (Tells the story related by Bukhari and Muslim)

6. Anas Ra, Maid, the Prophet said: ” I help the family of the Prophet in 10 years, and he never complained ” ” for me as well, and he never swore at: ” Why you do it and why would you not do so. ” ( HR Ahmad)

7. The night of the Prophet to pray that his feet were swollen. He is not happy when people walk behind. (That is, not in parallel and walk behind him with the intention to pay tribute to him.) (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

8 Ra Anas said, “the Prophet is the best, most generous (low hand), and the more courageous.” (narrated by Ahmad)

9. No one believed that I loved more than his father, his son, and all mankind. (Narrated by Bukhari)

10. I am Muhammad and Ahmad (admirable), respected, humans are met, the Prophet (Vocative) repentance, and other prophets (Mercy). (Narrated by Muslim)


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