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calls and warnings allah ta ala

1. The Prophet said that Allah ‘Azza wajalla said, “Son of Adam denied me when he did not have to do She scolds me if I’m not supposed to be .. When his words belied that” God will not bring me back as I create at the beginning “. Know that no creation (creature), the first is easier for me than to repeat the creation. Trash-he swore to me is to say, “God has a child”. Whereas Almighty God that I depend on everything, I have no children and no too begotten and not the same with me .. “(Narrated by Bukhari)

2. Described in the Hadith Qudsi that Allah the Exalted says: “O Children of Adam, you’re being unfair to me. I love you with pleasure, but you hate to do my sin-sin Virtue. Condemned love over evil and evil-My-ups. Forever angel Noble came to report about you every day and night with bad deeds, your actions. But, O son of Adam, if you hear the other person’s actions and you do not know who characterized’m sure you’ll soon hate “(. Rafii and Ar-Ar- Rabii ‘).

3. Son of Adam bother me, berating the time (period), and I era. I play day and night. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim

4). Allah said (in a hadith Qudsi): “Greatness (vanity or arrogance) is the clothing and majesty sarungKu Whoever robs one (of them), I threw him into the Fire (Hell) ..” (Narrated by Abu Dawud.

5. Be suspect of a good God, including worship. (Narrated by Abu Dawood)

6. Allah has ninety-nine names, a hundred less one. Who thinks he’s gone to heaven. (That is, to identify and implement the rights of the names). (Narrated by Bukhari)

7. Allah ‘Azza wajalla said (hadith Qudsi): “O Children of Adam, I told you but you turn away, and I forbid you would not notice it, and I covered the (wrong), but you add your courage, and I let you and me unconcerned. O my people who are called by the next day when people will welcome it, and when summoned by the Great God (Allah) and he backed off, you know, if you ask me to give you, if you pray to Me I have been given, and if you hurt I heal, and if you give up I give sustenance, and if you come to me, I accept you, and if you repent, I forgive (sins) you, and I ‘m Maha Recipient Repentance and compassion “(. HR. Tirmidhi and Al Hakim)


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