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reconcile between husband and wife

1).If you mentalak wives, and then finished their mortgage, do not you (the trustees) prevents them from getting married again with her husband, if already there is willingness among them in a way that ma’ruf. Why is suggested for those who believe in Allah and the Last Day. It’s better for you and more pure. Allah knoweth, ye know not.(QS.Al Baqarah_232).

2).And if you fear a dispute between them, then send Hakam, from family man and a woman from a family Hakam. If both people Hakam intended to make amends, God would make it easier husband and wife. Surely Allah is Knower Know.(QS.An Nisaa’_35).

3).And if a woman is worried about nushuz. or attitude of indifference from her husband, then why not for both of them make peace with the truth, and peace was better (for them) and even a miser in his own lust. And if you hang out with your wife well and take care of himself (from nushuz and indifference), verily Allah is Informed of what ye do.(QS.An Nisaa’_128).


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